Reflections installation

Rhia Hurt.jpg

"Reflections" focuses on the effects of light, layered transparent colors and irregular cut shapes combined with hand-painted marks. Each of these collages hovers about half an inch from the wall, thereby creating a shallow space for light and shadow. The contrast between transparent and opaque, prismatic qualities, and odd edges reference visual experiences from my memory of experiences in natural environments. 

When creating this imagery, I mined rich visual territories in my memory of where I grew up in Northern California. Some of these artworks are specific to returning there for my father’s memorial and spreading his and my sister’s ashes at Moonstone Beach in Trinidad, California. Seeing their ashes float onto the sand and into the water where the Mad River meets the Pacific Ocean is something I thought of when creating the forms for “Reflections.” I remember the coastline, the rocks, and sparkle of reflected light on the water. It was bright but soft and foggy at the horizon, with sharp silver lines slicing into the seascape beyond, where sunlight hit wet sand. Feeling a strong connection to the visual and material world held such meaning in that moment. At the same time, a non-physical world felt equally present– for example, the space between us as people in relationship to each other, or the space between our thoughts.